Taizé Sessions

Every Friday 10.30-12 in the Lady Chapel at Chester Cathedral except for the following dates;

Friday 27 May St John's Church, Vicars Lane

Friday 3 June as usual in the Lady Chapel at Chester Cathedral

Here we are singing recently at St John's Church

Taizé Community
Founded in 1940 by Brother Roger (Roger Schutz 1915-2005) Taizé is an ecumenical monastic community in France where brothers from various Christian traditions live, work and worship together in the interests of building peace. The community welcomes visitors from all over the world and is a popular place of retreat and renewal for Christians of many denominations.

Taizé Songs
The Taizé community have developed a particular form of worship comprised mainly of short chants, usually taking phrases from scripture that are sung over and over to bring the singers to a state of contemplation. Designed to be accessible for all peoples, the songs can be sung in many languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Russian, Ukranian and Chinese as well as Latin. They are often accompanied by musical instruments but can also be sung without, a cappella, as we do here. (Taizé have produced many CDs of their songs and some of these are available in the gift shops in both the Cathedral and St John’s Church.)

Taizé Sessions
The Taizé sessions, usually held at Chester Cathedral, are offered as an opportunity to learn and enjoy singing the songs and we hope are enjoyed by visitors too. Everyone is welcome to take part, regardless of experience and all the songs are taught by ear so you don’t need to read music, though song books are available. When the cathedral is busy with other events we often sing at St John’s Church.


"When I'm singing in the Taize group it makes me forget about everything else and live in the moment “


Taizé Worship at Chester Cathedral
We are delighted to support the Cathedral clergy in offering Taizé services on occasional Sunday evenings. These services are part of the Cathedral’s service scheme and open to the public free of charge. The next Taizé service will be 6pm on Sunday 10 July. See the Cathedral website for more details and to download the service sheet.

Ella says ‘I strongly believe God does not expect perfection, but rather for us to show up as we are with all our human imperfection, to do our best and to sing for the joy of it. I do not offer this as worship, though I appreciate this may be a deeply prayerful experience for some. Many of the regular singers would not necessarily see themselves as such and yet the sound created is wonderful. I would encourage anyone who is drawn to, to come along and join us for a song or two. People of any faith or none are all very welcome’

Find out more at  www.taize.fr  and  www.chestercathedral.com/worship-music/services/

"I would encourage anyone who likes to sing to come along to our sessions where they will be met with a warm welcome, acceptance, fellowship  and  friendship. Each session is a joyful occasion where we are encouraged and supported by Ella and the rest of the group. ”


This song is Notre Ame Attend Le Seigneur or Our Soul Is Waiting For God