Song Bank

Regular singers have access to the song bank which has recordings of all parts for over 300 songs. These are included in the cost of sessions though singers are of course welcome to make a extra donation towards recording costs if they wish to.

These song recordings are offered on the strict understanding that they are for practice purposes only and are not to be shared with anyone outside the group. If you wish to use them for any other purposes please discuss with Ella.

Songs are stored in Dropbox, a remote data storage site. You do not need to have access to, or set up, a Dropbox account of your own to access the songs. The links should take you direct to the files containing the songs. If this does not work, please let Ella know as there may be an error in the website.


The songs are now arranged in alphabetical order. If you're not sure, check on the list and then click on the letter for the song you want.

NB During the transition phase between websites you might need to visit to find some songs. Thank you for your patience!

General Song List

A Bright Day

A Keelie Makolay
A Yele Mama
Adoremus Te Jesu Christe
Adoremus Te O Christe

Ain't Gonna Study War
Al Hamdu Lillah
All Good Things
All I Have To Do Is Dream
All Shall Be Well (Round)
All Will Be Well (Prager)
Alleluia (African)
Alleluia (Harmony Exercise)
Alleluia (Israel)
Alleluia (Pachabel - 5 Parts)
Alleluia (Pachabel - Magnificence)

Always The Singing
Amen (Nickomo)
Amen Alleluia

Ancient Mother
All Good Things
Ani Vodka


Barbara Ann
Be Still

Be The Light

Belle Mama
Bells Of Peace
Benedictus Qui Venet

Better Days

Better Times Will Come
Between Darkness and light
Birthday - Here In A Round
Birthday - Jubilate Deo
Birthday - Plovi Barko

Birthday - To You We Sing

Brand New Day

A Brighter Morning

Bring Me Little Water
Bring Us Peace
Bury Me Deep
Caballos Galopando
Change Will Come
Come Along My Friend
Come and Sing
Come With Me (Hamba Nathi)
Comin’ Up
Da Do Ron Ron

Dabadabadoo (Warm Up)
Dancing Circle
Dancing In The Rain
Dear Friends
Deep Down In My Soul
Deep Peace 17/18
Do Be Do
Do Wah Diddy
Dona Nobis Pacem - Round (Haydn)
Dona Nobis Pacem (Nickomo)

Down In The River
E Hara
E Malama (2 Parts)

Embrace The Change
Every Part Of The Earth

Everyone Sang
Everything Is Going To Be Alright
Eya Eya
Famba Naye
Fear Not The Pain
The Female Drummer
Fidget’s Gospel

Fire In My Heart

From This Circle

Fly Away
Follow, Follow
(A) Force Of Love
Freedom Is Coming
Freedom Train
Gently Let The Evening’s Peace
Georgian Ami
Give Me Wings
Glory, Glory
Go In Beauty
Go To Sleep

Golden Leaves
Goodnight Sweetheart
Gospels Medley

Gotta Be Patient

Gotta Move On/Slow Down
Great Turning
Haera Mai
Halle Halle Halle
Hallelujah (Buckley)

Hallelujah (Down)
Hallelujah (Zimbabwe)
Hambani Gahle

Happy Round
Happy Together
Harvest Moon

Hazrat Bibi Maryam

Hear The Sweet Birds Sing

Heart Beat
Helele Jesu
Here Right Now
Hey Mr Miller
Hey Olay Hey

Hold On 2021b
I Am A River
I Am Beautiful
I Am Not Free
I Can Hear A Train A Comin’
I Welcome You
I Woke Up This Morning
I’ll Fly Away
I’m Gonna Find
I’m Walkin’
In Beauty May I Walk

In Dangerous Times

In The Beauty Of The World
Janie Mama
Jubilate Deo (Old)
Jubilate Deo (New)

Jumping Onboard
Just For Tonight
Keep on Walking
Keep Your Heart Good
Kyrie Eleison (Nickomo)
Kyrie Eleison (Russian)
Ladum Izulu
Lashon Ilang
Lean On Me
Let Freedom Ring

Let It Be

Let It Burn
Let It Grow

Let The Sunshine
Let Us Stand
Life Is Too Short

Little Bit Of Good

Little Things
Live Long Enough
Love Call Me Home

Love Finds The Way Through
Love Is The Power
Love Is The Power
Love Will Never Break Me
Love Without Hope

The Magic Of Snow
Maku Ra Pea
May There Be Peace
May This Room
May You Be Safe

May You Find A Place
May You See Diamonds
Miller Of Dee 2020a

Mist In The Morning
Morning Has Come
My Love For You

New year, New Day
Now The Sun Is Rising Up
O So Seo
O Mama Baku
O Mandela

O The Winter

Oh River
Oh River Flow Down

Oi Khodyt Son
Om Mani Peme Hung
Om Tare Tutare
One Heart Beating
Only You
Open Wide The Door

Out On The Rollin’ Sea

Peace Be With You Always
Peace On Earth

People Get Ready
Plovi Barko
Pore Mamine
Quiet Place


Red, Gold & Brown

Reindeer Joik

Remember Me
Requiem Aerternum
Rhythm Of Life
River Of Jorda
Rollin’ Home
Sacred Ground

Shalom Haverim
Shalom, Salaam
Shona Malanga
Si Si Si
Sing Out!
Sing To The Land
Sing When The Nights

The Singing Will Never Be Done (Chorus)
Siya Hamba

Snow Is Falling


Song For Winter

Song Of The Earth
Soul Wind

Spring Round
Steal Away
Stronger (Chorus)
Sunshine, Fire and Rain
Sweet Water
Tea And Buns

The Magic of Snow

The Singing Will Never be Done
There Is Silence
Thina Simunye
Think Of Me

This Is A Wave
This Is Home
This Land
This Little Light
This Love Will Carry
This Room Sings (Waking Into The Light)
Thuma Mina

Tiri Vamwe
Until We Meet Each Other Again
Unto This Land
Up Above My Head
Veni Sancti Spiritus
Wade In The Water

Wake Up

Waking Into The Light - see This Room Sings
Walkin’ On Sunshine
We Got All The Love17/18
We Hold You SS2
Welcome 2019a
We’ll Dream Our Dream
We’re Going To Sing

What Am I Rushing For?
Whatcha Gonna Do?
When Jesus Walked
When The World Stood Still
Where Shall I Be?
Wherever You Go

Winter Song
Worry No More
Woza Moya
Ya Azim
Ya Jamil
The Yeah Song
Yemaya Olodo
YoteYou Gotta Start Somewhere
You Send Me
Your Cheatin’ Heart
Ziwele Mama
Zooming High