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Taize Information and Song Recordings

Sessions are held on Fridays throughout the year in 2023

Suggested donations £5-£10 per session or £15-£30 per month by standing order.

We will be at the Cathedral on 8 March then at St John's (Vicars Lane) on 15, 22 & 29 March. The session on 29 March (Good Friday) which will be AT THE EARLIER TIME of 10-11.30

All April sessions are at the Cathedral

Taize services are held regularly throughout the year at the Cathedral, usually on a Sunday evening at 6pm. The next ones are 26 May, 28 July and 1 September  The  'next service recordings' button will take you to a file containing all song parts for that service once they are decided. The PDF icon (when there) will take you to the full service sheet.


Recordings of all the parts of the songs current and past can be found via the buttons below. 

Taize Song Index

The songs we have either done or will do soon are listed here in alphabetical order. The CD no is first and the number following the song name is it's number in the book. Click the button above for the relevant 'CD' to hear the soundfiles. If you need a physical CD please ask Ella.

Books can be purchased from Ella for £6 (+ £1.50p&p). Any song with an X instead of a number is NOT in the book but will be on a printable PDF in the dropbox folder here - see button above.

NB The songs in bold are not yet uploaded

TZ CD3 Ad Te Jesu Christe 133

TZ CD2 Adoremus Te Jesu Christe X13
TZ CD1 Adoremus Te Domine/Adoremus Te O Christe 44
TZ CD2 Amen (Nickomo Clarke) XO
TZ CD5 Bendigo Al Senor 123

TZ CD3 Benedictus Dominus Deus 47

TZ CD1 Benedictus Qui Venet 151
TZ CD1 Bless The Lord 5
TZ CD3 Bonum Est Confidere 35
TZ CD2 By Night We Hasten/De Noche 12
TZ CD4 Cantarei Ao Senor 131

TZ CD4 Cantate Domino Canticum Novum 129
TZ CD3 Christe Salvator 21
TZ CD1 Confitemini Domino 18

TZ CD4 Crucem Tuam 48
TZ CD1 Da Pacem Cordium 55
TZ CD1 Da Pacem In Diebus 42
TZ CD3 Dona La Pace 53
TZ CD2 Frieden, Frieden 135

TZ CD4 Gloria 6
TZ CD1 Gloria, Gloria 25

TZ CD4 Gloria Tibi Domine X33
TZ CD2 Halle, Halle, Halle (Iona) XO
TZ CD3 Holy Spirit Come To Us/Tui Amoris Ignem 14

TZ CD2 In Manus Tuas Pater/Into Your Hands O Father 30
TZ CD3 In Te Confido 46
TZ CD3 In The Lord/El Senyor 17
TZ CD3 Jesus, Ma Joie 28
TZ CD1 Jesus, Remember Me 37
TZ CD2 Jubilate Alleluia/Shout To God With Joy 27

TZ CD4 Jubilate Coeli 61
TZ CD1 Jubilate Deo (old) 31
TZ CD2 Jubilate Deo (new) (Trad German Tune) XO
TZ CD3 Kristus Din Ande 120
TZ CD4 Kyrie 12 85

TZ CD4 La Tenebre 26

TZ CD1 Laudate Dominum 10
TZ CD3 Laudate Omnes Gentes 23
TZ CD2 Lord Jesus Christ, Your Light Shines Within Us/Jesus Le Christe 9

TZ CD4 Mane Nobiscum 34
TZ CD1 Magnificat 19

TZ CD4 Misericordias Domini 58
TZ CD3 Mon Ame Se Repose 32
TZ CD1 My Peace I Give You XO

TZ CD4 My Soul Is At Rest X38
TZ CD1 Nade Te Turbe/Nothing Can Trouble 50
TZ CD3 Nunc Dimittis 33

TZ CD3 O Christe Domine Jesu 60
TZ CD1 O Lord Hear My Prayer X20
TZ CD1 Oculi Nostri 11

TZ CD4 Ostende Nobis 29
TZ CD2 Our Soul Is Waiting For God/Notre Ame Attend 7
TZ CD1 Per Crucem X22

TZ CD2 Praise Our God And Saviour/Wyslawiajcie Pana 121
TZ CD5 Przybadz Duchu Bozy 163
TZ CD3 Psallite Deo 38

TZ CD3 Remember Me (Nick Prater) *
TZ CD5 Sanasi on Lamppu 160
TZ CD4 Sanctum Nomen Domini 56
TZ CD2 Santo, Santo (Findhorn) XO
TZ CD3 Sing To God/Singt dem Herm 24
TZ CD2 Slava Tiebie Boze/Glory Be To You Lord 96
TZ CD2 Spiritus Jesu Christi 36
TZ CD1 Stay With Me/Bleibet Hier 3
TZ CD2 Stay With Us/ Bleib mid deiner Gnade 112
TZ CD3 Surrexit Christus 40

TZ CD3 Surrexit Dominus Vere 49
TZ CD2 The Kingdom Of God 115
TZ CD2 The Lord Is My Light X36
TZ CD4 Ti Sei Sorgente Viva 39
TZ CD4 Toi, Tu Amoris Ignem 54
TZ CD1 Ubi C
aritas 15

TZ CD4 Ubi Caritas Deus Ibi Est 4

TZ CD3 Veni Creator 13
TZ CD3 Veni Creator Spiritus 22
TZ CD2 Veni Lumen 43
TZ CD2 Veni Sancte Spiritus 52

TZ CD4 Venite, Exultemus Domino 59
TZ CD2 Vieni Spirito Creatore 57
TZ CD1 Wait For The Lord 2

TZ CD4 When The Night Becomes Dark X25
TZ CD1 Within Our Darkest Night/Dans Nos Obscurites 1

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