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Song Of The Month

May 2022

This song is about this

April 2022 - Lazing

This song was born out of a singing experience we had one Sunday morning, sitting in the sun on one of the first warm days of the year. Written by our leader Ella Speirs, this is a song about this group, for this group! Find out more about Ella at

March 2022 - Spring Round

This delightful song was written by Bridget Cousins and epitomises the joy I feel when the sun starts to shine, flowers start to blossom and birds start to sing. This round has also been arranged with a bass line by Jess Baker and then as a song in 4 part harmony by Ella Speirs. You can find detais of this on the YouTube channel. Find out more about Bridget Cousins at

February 2022 - Snowdrop Round

February always means snowdrops for me so what better song to sing than Judith Silver's Snowdrops round. Judith has written words to sing using a traditional Hungarian tune.

You can find out more about judith and her work at




January 2022 - Song For Winter

Song for Winter by Maggie O'Connor is a long time favourite hibernation song. I love the simplicity of having only two harmonies yet there is a beauty on it as rich as some 4 or 5 part harmony songs.

You can find out more about Maggie and her work at www.









December 2021 - What Am I Rushing For?

For Advent this is my go-to song; not because it talks about the imminenet arrival of Christ but because it reflects the need to slow down in the face of slightly manic secuular busy-ness. This beautiful song was written by Wendy Luella Perkins and you can find out more about her and her work at


There are two videos; the first gives the tune, sung by the basses, and the alto harmony. These are Luellla's two original parts;

This second video teaches the tenor and the soprano parts

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