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We Are Heart & Soul Community Singers!

Taster session free!

Thursdays 7-9 at Northgate Church Hall

Sundays 10.30-12 in Water Tower Gardens (outdoors)

We sing for peace : We sing for the earth : We sing for justice

We sing for these times of great transition and change; these times of uncertainy and possibility


We sing songs of healing, of connection, of grief and joy

We sing for each other and we sing for the land and we sing for the world


''The work you do with Heart and Soul Singers brings a lot of joy into a lot of lives.

Mine included.'' Alan

We welcome anyone who would like to sing with others

We sing most weeks throughout the year and singers come when they can

We sing for the joy of singing, as well as we can, without pressure to 'get it right'

We make connections with each other through song and over tea and biscuits


"The only thing better than singing is more singing" - Ella Fitzgerald

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